Mar 06 2012
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My letter to PlayStation

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To PlayStation,

In the beginning of the mid late 90's, my dad introduced me to a new thing called video games. The key thing was to get my hand eye coordination together, but soon I learned more than that.  My favorite game from PSX was crash banticoot. That was my favorite game. In fact, I still have the CD in my closet right now as we speak. When I played PSX, it brought me to a new piece in life. It showed me how much fun I can have in life. Then my dad played syphon filter. Another one of your classic gems. Even though I was too young to play it, it was still entertaining to watch. As each level my dad passed, I became more fond of this thing called video games. My cousin would come over and we would play some crash banticoot and have a ball! The one mission we love, is when we ride a hog and we just jump through and over things. That game was the 1st game that I ever beat by myself. Didn't need my mom or dad's help. Then you guys came out with the demo that you could play on PSX. I had every last one of those that came out. I remember playing the 1st twisted metal game that was on the demo. I didn't get a chance to play the full game, but I still got a kick out of playing the demo. While I was playing, I didn't have a clue of what I was doing, I just knew I was having fun. I remember playing spider man on one of your demos. I had a joyful time just swinging from building to building. Then, you all made PSone.

PSone was just the next step of making a mark in gaming. That's when you all put the analog sticks in. I was grateful of that because I can't remember all of the times that I had sore thumbs from working that D-pad! I became adapted to the analog sticks and it made me more precise with my gaming thus, making me better. Furthermore, Me and my dad bought games like when you all had the 2nd syphon filter. When you all came out with the dual disc. I could watch my dad play that for hours! Sometimes, I wouldn't even watch my cartoons. This was almost better than TV! Then I had one of the final fantasy games. It was either 7 or 8.. One of the 2 games that I had and it started out in the train station. Didn't get a chance to finish it but I got a kick out of just playing it. I never knew what the plot was of the game but it seemed so interesting! After a while, Y'all came out with Resident Evil. I was so TERRIFIED of that game. Whenever my dad played that game, I was in the other room watching TV. I wouldn't step one foot out of that room! I could watch him play any other game but that. That game gave me the chills! After that, I began getting into sports games. I didn't know who was on what team but I just picked a team and did what I could. When the 2K millennium came, PS2 was born.

Ahh.. My favorite system ever! Now I was getting serious with PlayStation. I loved Jak and Daxter! All of your episodes of them. Also ratchet and clank. Clank being my favorite because he's like a metal Einstein. Yet again, when you guys came out with PlayStation underground demos, I had them all!! Literally! I had a CD holder full of them! Thanks to those demos, I found a lot of those games to be fun and that's how I made my decision to buy games. Moving forward, my second favorite series, Sly Cooper. I couldn't get enough of that game! It was just so awesome of all the stuff that you could discover in one mission! I was considering on keeping my PS2. Until I bought ESPN NFL 2K5. That really made up my mind on whether I should keep it. Til' this day, I still have that game in my closet. Never trading it in. NEVER! My birthday changed my life forever.

When PS3 came out and I seen what the graphics look like, I was astonished at what I saw! This looks like real life! Stuck with my PS2, I still enjoyed it but I got a call from my dad. He told me happy birthday. I thought to myself, is this it? Is that all he's going to say? Then he said call mom and tell her to get your PS3. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, I WAS COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS! ALL I SAID WAS OK. I MUST'VE BLOWN UP MY MOM'S PHONE WITH AT LEAST 20 MISSED CALLS!!! When my mom got off of work, I was so antsy to get it! After I left gamestop, my heart was beating non-stop and my smile wouldn't leave my face! When I got my system set up and put in Madden 09; keep in mind that this was in back in 08. I put that game in and.. I just lost it. I didn't say a word the whole day!  After I had my new system for some time, I got my internet set up. The internet was it! I was just glad that I have a PS3 like everyone else has. The internet was crazy! I'm actually playing with people across the internet!  Then after I noticed the CD demos stopped being made, I seen the reason why. The demos are now downloadable! I must've downloaded all the demos in the store! Next, I played with my dad in sports games like NBA 2K8 or Madden, games like that. Now that I'm old enough, I can play action adventure games. Once I figured out that you can buy things from the store, I did that. The first game I bought was PAIN. Good game I'll admit. Now every time I get a chance, I get a 20 dollar PSN card and see what I can get from there. But due to PSN, Me and my family have been closer. All in all, YOU guys are why I love PlayStation. YOU guys are why Me and my family spend a lot of time together. YOU guys are the reason why I continue to play PlayStation. YOU guys are the reason why I buy PlayStation games. YOU guys are the reason why I contribute to PSN with money and will continue to. When you guys have maintenance on PSN, I don't complain about a thing. Because you all take this steps to ensure that we have a good time playing PSN. I hope to get your newest device, PS Vita. Overall, I will remain a PlayStation customer and will continue to support PlayStation. You guys have yet again stunned me with your company. Keep up the good work!!!


Sincerely, JDivine911

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