Dec 15 2012
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My journey to gaming

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I still remember back in year 2005, I travelled to another city. I was just a 11 years old girl and it was my very first time travelling on an aeroplane. At that city, my whole family were busy shopping, buying clothes. But I was the only one who was busy looking at video game consoles.


There, I came across a gaming store and the moment I looked at the gaming consoles, I fell in love with Gameboy Advance SP ( Thumbs up if any of you had it before Smiley Very Happy ) You know, being the youngest among 4 in an average family, to buy those consoles in which parents would think it's useless/rubbish/something that is not important, it is really hard to ask them to buy one for you.


I kept on begging my mom to buy one for me. My sisters all disagreed and kept on telling my mom not to buy etc etc. I was so dissapointed as it was the last day that I would be at that shopping complex that offers the best price ( I actually surveyed the price myself by walking to each gaming shops in respective shopping complex and asked for the price ). But I didn't give up, I begged my mom again and again, and for the very first time, I still remembered I even cried in the shopping complex with my heads bowed down. It was a total breakdown for me.


At last, my mom gave up and asked my eldest sister to follow me to that shop to buy, So we went and bargained the best price, and bought it! That was like the happiest moments in my life! I will always remember when I bought it because it fall on a very special day that was Christmas Day! 25-12-2005. And if I can recall, PS3 was released around end of that year right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Smiley Very Happy


Until now, it is still working! Sorry, I do not have a picture of it as I gave it to my cousin to enjoy  Smiley Happy


Time passed, and it was year 2009. I came across a friend who was selling his PSP. Wow, I was so excited and I decided to tell my parents. You wouldn't believe what I did to persuade them. They were sleeping in their rooms, and I wrote on tens or hundreds of paper saying ' I want PSP'. Lol. Oh well, they agreed at last Smiley Tongue. I remembered I heard my mom telling my dad to just buy for me in their bedroom. And there, I got my very first PSP and it brought a lot of happiness to me. I watch videos, listen to music and play as well. Such a great console!


Few years passed again and it's 2012! Smiley Happy

Back in year 2011, I was aware of this new console, Playstation Vita. I've been looking and kept myself updated with its news, release date, etc. And voila! It was launched at last, but due to the brand new price, I couldn't afford it and I was aware my parents wouldn't agree. Until this year, in the month of April, I came across an online forum where everyone sells their second hand stuffs there. So, I decided to sell off my beloved PSP to fund for my PS Vita. Amazingly, just a few days after putting up my PSP for sale, a new lucky owner for my PSP bought it! Of course, the money was definitely not enough to buy a Vita. I continued to talk to my parents that I really want it. I've been talking to them about this console for months and months even before I decided to buy it.


Not only that, I was having long holidays at that time, I wanted to go for a part-time work, but my parents disagree due to personal matter. I didn't have any money to fund for it. And, I saw a retailer selling Vita for quite a bargain! Cheaper than my town here. Thus, I decided to become the middleman, finding buyers for Vita at my town and selling Vita to them with some small commissions. 


I believe my hard work and determination paid off. My parents agreed to buy for it and in the month of May, my Vita arrived!

Love it, really! 


Ever since I got my Vita, I truly came to know that we need to support original! Say NO to pirated stuff! I've gained so many new friends from around the world! Played co-op with friends like Unit 13, etc etc. The experience is truly amazing! You will never know it until you experience it! Because to be honest, my previous PSP was modded already.


Due to reading a lot of forums about Vita, eventually, I read about PS3 too. Well, I was a person who dislike a gaming platform that uses TV etc as I can't bring it around.


After reading so much good reviews about PS3, I was tempted to buy too. Omg. Haha. 


And recently, I just got a PS3 320GB charcoal black Smiley Happy. I played Call of Duty : Black Ops 2. The multiplayer experience is really great and fun! I got to know some peeps from Hong Kong! They were all speaking Cantonese and kind people! Through that, I was able to sharpen my Cantonese language Smiley Happy really.


Oh well, I shall stop my story here.

Go girl gamers! Smiley Very Happy haha

Thanks a lot of reading! Smiley Happy






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