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My gaming world :)

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I`m part of the Playstation family since the start Smiley Happy I grew up alongside it , and some of my most fond memories are with it Smiley Happy there is a reason why I never got into PC games and always loved my playstation , the hole reasons of this story , and that is Splitscreen gaming  .
I remember the first time my mom organized me a play date with a boy of my neighborhood ,when he came home  I was playing Tarzan on my old ps1 , we were both kind of shy so we stood in silence while we took turns playing , it was a great afternoon that marked the start of  a long friendship that last even to this day . 
Some years later our friendship had become quite strong ,also our gaming skills and passion , by that time I had already got a Ps2  and  we started getting into games with splitscreen, almost every day after school we used to get together and spend hours and hours playing , our favorite games by that time were the conflict series and the GTA San Andreas , there is a special charm in yelling at your buddy who is right beside you , every day was filled with laughs and screams like "I`m out of ammo" , "cover me" "hey look what I found" and many more that  made every game sessions unique .  Of all of those games The most fun one on my ps2 was time splitters this game made my bedroom a chaos of wires and controllers all atached to  the multitap ,so that m me and 3 friends could get together and create a complete chaos of laughs and screams playing modes like virus or attack/defend .

Years past and the time came when I bought a ps3 and sold my ps2 , at first I was kind of disappointed at the lack of ps3 splitscreen games, but after some time and  a little research  I found great games like resistance: fall of men, resident evil 5 and Motorstorm 2 , we were back. Once again my playstation was the center of the two of us laughing and yelling , of our cooperation and, why not , our competition, then we found something that blown us away , the PS3 had a feature that was going to make our game completely different , that was ,online splitscreen, as soon as we discover this we moved to some other games like COD, twisted metal  and the great uncharted 3 , this was a new experience filled with excitement and new possibilities Smiley Happy .

Its been a long road the one that me and my friend had traveled together with  Sony, and with the future looking so good , and titles as Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Borderlands 2 on the horizon it seem our days of couch fun have a long way to go , Smiley Happy

For a friendship and a passion that may continue forever , LONG LIVE PLAY  Smiley Happy

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Re: My gaming world :)

Sep 2, 2012

nice awesome story.

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