Dec 02 2012
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My gaming friend... the Playstation

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     Its not to say that I don't have a social life but since I was little I guess I was some what of a loner type. When I was small there was no going out to play with friends nor even going to the park. Either things weren't really safe, like my grandmother would say, or she was being a little over protective.

     However, I felt so much love and she always tried her best to buy me whatever I really wanted. I never really drained her; see, I understood things were pretty tight with money. But I remember that one christmas she asked me what I wanted and I had remembered seeing Sony's Original Playstation comercial and the sound the voice made when it said "Playstation".

     All I could do was point out in some catalog and yell out that, that's what I wanted! Noticing the price [seeing how it was a bundle with many games in it] I thought to back down and say nevermind. She looked at me and said to order it! I was ecstatic!  The box arrived earlier then christmas. I couldn't wait and I know its tradition to open gifts on Christmas morning but she allowed me to open it!

     Unboxing the hardware I was mesmerize by the gray color. Excited to own something I thought to be out my reach at one point. I'll never forget my first games for Playstation; Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero, and Crash Bandicoot. I am a fan of Mortal Kombat since 10. I quickly fell in love in love with Crash and Lara. I was awed by the system.

     People would come over and ask for me and all she would say was there he is playing his video games.  Besides the spare sharing moments it was one on one with the Playstation most of the time.  Cousins would visit and it was high time of fun and enjoyment just around the tv with a library of games growing a little at a time.

      As of now, I'm a pround owner of a Playstation 3. I had all versions of the other Sony consoles at one point. Everytime I would upgrade I would give it away to a family member. Today, I am so proud to witness the advancements Sony has made. And of course am ever so  grateful for the online. For people like me whom stay most of the time inside but can share the experience online with so many others! Thank god for Playstation, in you I trust. Smiley Happy

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