Dec 18 2012
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My first Playstation

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I still remember when I first was introduced into gaming and the playstation way of gaming. I have gamed before on the NES but since I was a child my access to the console and games was limited to how "good" I was in school and the chores I did at home. Needless to say I only played the NES once a week (if I was lucky) and got games on my birthday. 


I still remember when I was 10 years old, it was that time for the year. My birthday! The time I looked forward to because of the gifts I get from friends and family (mostly it was clothes and not what) but this year I was given roller blades I loved it. As I put on the rollerblades and tried to learn to balance myself my parents called me over to the bedroom. At first I was scared, thinking what did I do? but then I remember it was my birthday so I would get a free pass today, wouldn't I? As I slowly wobbled my way to the bedroom on my skates trying not to fall over my mom handed me a small gift first. First thoughts in my head, yes I am not in trouble! 


As I wrapped the gift and saw what it was I was shocked and surprised. It was Crash bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back. I told them " How am I supposed to play this? We do not have the system" She stood there pointing at the bed. In the middle was a squareish box wrapper up, rolling over to the bed I plopped down, grabbed the gift and opened it. There it was the playstation, the system that would change my life forever. The system that opened my eyes to gaming and I have not looked back since then. 


That is one gift I will never forgot no matter how old I get. 


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