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Oct 18 2012
By: burrito_tester Splicer 68 posts

My entry for the Community Spotlight

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Okay, to start off, I had absolutely no intention of stealing (keep that in mind).


I was about 9 or 10 and I always wanted something from the Playstation Store, but since I was only 9 or 10, I had no money. So eventually I heard about hacking and I thought it was basically a fancy name for a cheat code. So I used the browser on my PS3 and looked up tons of videos on how to hack the Playstation Store. Then once I figured out that hacking wasnt a cheat code and is heavily illegal I became really nervous and tried to put it all behind me.


Then eventually my PS3 broke and when I fixed it, a message poped up and said something along the lines of "An error has occoured, do you want to report this to Sony Computer Entertainment America?" and I clicked "Yes". Once I did that, I reaized that it also said something about Sony having access to my recent history. Having put 1 & 1 together, I was terrified of Sony seeing that I was looking for how to hack them and they might want to get the police involved.


After being in shock for a good few days, I realized Sony didnt notice and I could resume playing online with no worries.

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