Nov 17 2012
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My beginnings with a PlayStation console.

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The first time I ever used PlayStation console... wow seems almost like ages ago, ok let's begin, I remember when I was like 8 or 9 years old I use to always play nothing but board games, and always played with toys, it was a few weeks before my birthday around that time and I had absolutely no idea what the Playstation even was, or that it even existed, skipping ahead a few weeks, it was finally my birthday and I was really excited to see what gift I was about to get, in my mind I though it was a new Star Wars toy, since I was a fan of the film, but then when I finally opened the gift I was shocked to find that it wasn't a toy, but rather, it was a PlayStation.


After we finished hooking it up to the tv, my brother & I were pretty much blown away by how amazing the graphics looked, and how real it all looked, the first game we played was Spyro the Dragon, it was a pretty amazing game even though we had no idea how to play or what the main goal was. A few weeks later, we ordered pizza during the weekend and our parents handed us a disk that came with the pizza as well, since it was a PS1 disk, we decided to put it in to see what game it was, to our surprise, there was a variety of games that came inside the disk, mostly just demos of new games we never heard of, but there was just that one game we never got tired of and would have to be Metal Gear Solid. we were shocked to see how crazy & action packed the game truely was eventhough we didn't really know what we were supposed to do.


We've spent a week playing Metal Gear Solid up until the point where we had to buy the full game, and even then the game still wasn't boring at all, and eventually we got a few more games, like Ape Escape, Final Fantasy 7, two amazing games as well.


Two years had passed and we were excited to get the PS2 as soon as we saw the trailer displaying it's capabilites, and almost immediately it was a must have, eventually it was christmas and we just finished opening all of our gifts, and eventually our parents had gave us this big box, after we opened it, we were shocked to see that it was a PS2 . We were so excited to play it immediately after opening it, and then after plugging it in, we were once again amazed by how realistic the graphics looked, we were definitely compelled to purchase a few games as a way to see how crazy the games looked, we were blown away by how life-like the games looked and how smooth the animations were.


A few years later, we were in our first year in highschool, and again it was December, except that this time on our way home, we received a call from out parents telling us that the house was robbed and all the gifts were stolen, interestingly enough, a few hours after we arrived home, the police had already managed to catch the theives who broke into the house and a few other places as well, luckily we got all of our gifts back, but they were all opened already, and that's when we found out that one of the gifts turned out to be a PlayStation 3!. A few days had passed and then everything went back to normal, then we finally plugged it in, and we were breathless to see how incredible it looked graphically and technologically.


From that point on, we would always use the PS3 for almost anything, Internet, Games, Wikipedia, NetFlix, and to also purchase games through the PS3 itself! This was truely an unforgettable moment, and up to this day I'm still amazed by how advanced this machine truely is, even the games were amazing, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, GTA4, and a few other, also apps like PlayStation Home was amazing.


What began as an unknown gaming console that consfused me at first, evolved into something enormouse and useful, both for gaming and for studying, and you've read that right, I also used the PS3 to study for my finals exam, which I passed by the way! ha ha


Well this concludes my story of how I began using a Playstation console and how it truely changed my life.

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Re: My beginnings with a PlayStation console.

Nov 18, 2012

Nice story addict.

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