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Nov 01 2012
By: lazarojenrry Wastelander 630 posts

My Success Of Playing Playstation Game Consoles

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Gaming were a lot to me when I first played the playstation 1 console. The first game that I really enjoy over the summer as a kid called ' 007 Racing ' was the first game what I encountered for playstation 1. During that hot weather summer I'd asked my friends over if they're available to play with me. They came by to my house and played some 007 Racing. The 007 missions were fun and insane that my thoughts thinking that I want to become a 007 agent too. After a few days I completed the entire missions and gave myself a victory dance.


The next year I'd been rewarded as a gift in school and is the playstation 2. I step ahead into the new era of the playstation 2 and gave generous rewards for everyone too as a return. I knew when I stare to this console is like a culture of god of all kind. I purchase plenty of playstation 2 games and my thoughts are ready to challenge 11 games. I breathe in and out and began to play the first game called ' Star Wars BattleFront 2 ' pretty cool I should say because it more like world domination capturing all base to lower their troops. It also reminds me of Dust 514 in playstation home and on console gaming.


don't give up

I'd also have some dark times when I'm in rage my father gave me a tip he said, " never give up, if you lose keep on trying and you'll become a successful gamer. " I've proudly play the game ' Socom: U.S. Navy Seals ' once more and pass the mission on hard mode, and continue to the next one because to much rage would cause you to unfocused on your mind of what you doing. So keep on trying and don't get so mad it means that you learning step by step.


On November my father bought me for my birthday present and is a playstation portable I were so thankful to my father for buying me this present. The games I purchase on that Wednesday are Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines. The first game I'd played is Ace Combat: Joint Assault. That game had me going upside down on the first mission with the great soundtracks while I'm jet piloting. Destroying targets and breaking into enemy lines to help our country friends. I beat the entire mission but it's way fun starting all over again, and getting to be great at gaming.


Then the new era that Sony created the playstation 3. This is it the 3rd era of all playstations. Many people online were laying out comments about the new playstation 3 on their blog. I'd had read more comments and articles about the new era of Sony playstation system. I went with my father to buy the new playstation 3. We purchased it from GameStop and bought some amazing games for playstation 3 too. I started to play my most favorite game and is ' Fight Night Round 3 .' The first and ever boxing game what I'd purchased on a very cold season, ' Winter.'

 you did it

The first time I knock out cold in the ring. The fight is more like UFC but without kicking and body slamming. My father and I play one on one to get to see who wins the match if he can stand on each rounds however, he also a good gamer too. We kept hitting each other until one of us would fall. I'm the only one taking in the combo on my father, he's getting a little upset. Until he play dirty he started to laugh and I said, " oh yeah well can you take these hits ?. " His player collapse to the ground and couldn't take another fight. And he gave a reward for beating him he hand me a gaming medal from the store what he bought. And I continue to be a playstation gamer. And that's how I experienced my success being a gamer and achieving higher gaming console trophies and ranks for the opportunity to become a great player.

                                                pro gamer

                                     Written and pictured by LazaroJenrry 

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