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My Story about LittleBigPlanet series

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When i heard when the ps3 was comeing out I was soooo exicted to pick it up but I did not get it after a few years went buy because my parent did not earn a lot of money and plus my dad was on the army.Then one day I herd there where getting me a ps3 I was getting exicted about it and this happen around march.I was getting exicted to try out that LittleBigPlanet game I been hearing.Then went to walmart to pick it up when I felt the box of the ps3 I wanted to run around everywhere in walmart I went home open it.I was so happy I cant explain I said lots of random words I dont know why I plug in everything to the Tv then the game.Then also make a name and all thats stuff.Then I saw the sackboy arounding on the loading screen I was soo happy I was going to cry it happens to me when I get 2 exicted then I start playing the game the narroter says welcome to littlebigplanet and i want to cry sooo much more then played the first world on the game.Then I wanted to try out online to make new friends on lbp and i did I found somebody and it was my first person I found in lbp and I talked to him we beame friends and where still friends online right now.


Then a couply mounths happen I heard that LittleBigPlanet 2 was comeing out I went nuts and they said you can go pre-order i did.When It was comeing out on nov on 2010 then when the date came I was exiced but then bad news came game out delyed until next year i was a little sad but I knew that their where working hard on the game to make it perfert.Then the day came it came out then my mom was going to pick it up after shes done working then she went to get it and came home after going to gamestop.She came I ran to her car to grap the game quickly to play it and then I see all my friends online playing it all ready then I said Im ready to enter the world of LittleBigPlanet again with all new stuff like make mini games and then I say my best friend their online we made lvls make a lot of stuff then one day that year I was lets make a good Parker lvl and I did with the help of 5 other people on my friends list and we did it under 2 days and having fun messing around with everybody it was a dream come true and the lvl was rooftop scamper my first ever lbp2 lvl I created with my friends help and that day fowored I new that I can make lvls with anybody.


Then again 1 year later I heard that littlebigplanet psvita was comeing out I was happy it was but then I did not have money to get a psvita yet but still dont have money for it but I dont care I hope that everybody that gets the game this year would have fun making lots of stuff.


Then I want to thank you for making the systeme I love and will never forget and im looking foword to littlebigplanet karting,Playstion all stars battle royal,Sly 4,and the upcoming games you make.




Thank you soo much Sony Smiley Happy 




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Re: My Story about LittleBigPlanet series

Sep 2, 2012

good story

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