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My Sony Playstation memories with Crash Bandicoot.

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                I grew up with my brothers playing Playstation. Playstation introduced us all into the amazing world of video games. We shared, laughed, and even cried playing many great games together. We loved playing video games and my dad knew it, too. Because of my dad, he bought us the original Playstation all the way up to the Playstation 3. But, of all three Playstation consoles, I particularly want to talk about the original Playstation console because it shares a trait that is important to me; family.


                On December 24, 1997, Christmas Eve, my brothers and I sat together on our living room floor carpet waiting for our dad to bring us our presents that had been hiding in his room. We were all excited because we didn’t know what to expect. Then my dad came walking out of his room and brought out a white colored box. The box wasn't wrapped like normal presents and it read "Playstation" at the front. I kept wondering whose present that belongs to. My dad placed the box in front of us and told us, “Here is your present!” I didn’t know what it was, not even my brothers knew because we were all young.


                My dad told us all that is was a Playstation. He un-boxed the Playstation, plugged in the controller and a memory card for us, and then connected the Playstation to our television. But, before he turned it on, I clearly remember what he had said to us, “You guys better share it with each other and if I hear any crying or fighting, I will take it away!”  With us being kids, we were afraid of those words and we actually obeyed my dad.


                Then, he brought out a game named, "Crash Bandicoot 2: The Cortex Strikes Back." I still remember the game's CD case. It had a holographic effect that made crash look 3D, and as a kid, it was always fun tilting the case to see Crash "move". We secured the game into the Playstation, closed the lid, and pushed it's memorable power button to power the Playstation. A white screen flashed and an orange diamond appeared in the center with it's grand sound. Then the screen turned black with the sound of “slicing” flying by our ears and Playstation logo appearing. After a short pause, the Crash Bandicoot theme music starts… Little did I know, I was about to experience one of the best games Sony had to offer.


                Up to this day, whenever I think of the Playstation brand and the games it has brought into my life, I look back at that day; the day my brothers and I met the famous Crash Bandicoot. Playstation and Crash Bandicoot are one and the same to me because of all the fun moments my brothers and I shared collecting all the crystals and finding the beautiful hidden colored gems everyday after school. To me, bonding with my family is priceless and I am glad that I have had the chance to experience and share our accomplishment together with my brothers. Thank you Sony, thank you for giving my brothers and I valuable memories together.


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Re: My Sony Playstation memories with Crash Bandicoot.

Oct 19, 2012

Nice story.


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