Aug 22 2012
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My Playstation story

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It was a while ago and I had this close cousin that whenever I would go go his house we would play Crash Bandicoot on the original Playstation all day and art of the night whenever I had to leave. Finally Christmas of 2002 I got a Playstation 2 with Jak and Daxter, Jak 2 and Kingdom Hearts. Once I opened the box I knew I was going to be a Sony kid for the rest of my life. But with my luck every good thing in my life comes to an end almost immediately. My parent would argue all the time and it would go on constantly getting worse and worse. I would go and play my PS2 in my room with my sister with the volume on high so I can ever another world. It was nice because for once I felt happy because I was the boy who could absorb Dark Eco or I was the boy who fought heartless with the Keyblade. That made me the happiest kid ever. Thanks to my grandparent I always got some money with my allowance from home so with more arguing came more"lives" for me. I completed my Jak and Daxter collection I got Kingdom Hearts 2 and I got games like Naruto Ultimate ninja. After my father left with another woman who also had kids he took my PS2 and all of my games so I was back to my miserable life. Years of doing chores and getting money from birthdays in 2009 that's when I had enough money to get a PS3 which broke 6 months after so I was devastated because all of my other "lives" were gone. Christmas of 2011 I finally got a new ps3 and the best news came out 2 months later. When Sony announced the Jak and Daxter HD Collection. The happiness that I had when I was little came back because I could play and regain my other "lives" till this day I am 18 and I still play Jak and Daxter. I am still the guy saving the world with the help of Eco. If they announce a Kingdom Hearts HD collection that's when I can be the old me again. Playstation was and still is the best thing in my life and it literally is a life saver and I owe a lot to Playstation.

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Re: My Playstation story

Aug 24, 2012

What a story Inaxqujo!

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