Apr 08 2012
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My Playstation story

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It was Black Friday 2010, most of the rushing crowds had long gone. We were going to get a PS3, after such a long wait. Not weeks or months, but years. My brother and I were very excited, we had been dreaming of that day for very long. We cruised through the aisles of Wal-Mart into the electronics section. The wait was like the Rub' al Khali in Uncharted 3, tough and restless for 250,000 square miles (or 4 years). However, the minute I saw it, the minute I saw that box in that lighted display, it was as if an ocean of vigour was cast upon me. I ran (yes I did) towards the box and embraced it, much to the surrounding crowds concern. Picking it up, knowing that I could take this one home was the best feeling I ever had. Through the hot sun of financial difficulties, the sandstorms of "next-year"s and the mirages of "alright" and then "something came up", I had made it. My brother was ecstatic also but I think he decided not to attract the attention of the crowd like I did. Bringing it home was great, one of the games it came with was inFAMOUS (My fav game next to Uncharted) which would bring me much joy. At home we set it up to the TV and put it on, that first beep was Salim. Sorry for all the Uncharted relation I'm just a big nerd.

For the year and a half to come, there was joy and sorrow. The joy ranged from first playing Uncharted DF to Uncharted 2 GOTY to inFAMOUS 2 and Uncharted 3.  I enjoyed the Playstation exclusives the most, (The Sly collection was incredibly fun) they were always there when other games failed. When I was having problems the knowledge center always helped solve the issue, so thats really a joy.     

The sorrow included a system crash (thx for the help support team! ) which soon became joy, the PSN blackout (that was hell) and a few games which failed to live up to their promises. The good outweigh the bad .

I have hunted for trophies and enjoyed every minute of it (when I wasn't raging LOL). The first time I heard the -ding- I had to hear it again until I hit the plat. That alone was a great memory! The PS Vita was mind-blowing, the power amazed me. I still hold plans of getting one, when things get a little better. A big part of my life, my goal actually, (to play guitar and perform professionally) was made possible by Playstation (and Ubisoft). A way to learn guitar without spending big on lessons appeared in November of last year. I was incredibly happy, now I could learn in a way I loved, on my Playstation. Through Playstation I met my best friend, that alone makes Playstation invaluable. To be social, as we humans are made to be is easily accomplished in PS Home.

When I say Playstation, I'm reffering to the hundreds of thousands of people who make Playstation what it is, and of course, to the lovely system itself.

My PS3 or Sarah, as I named her in system settings, is not just a console, she's my friend.

Long Live Play


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