Dec 18 2012
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My Playstation story by Bru_Bru_B

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So I've decided to use my nightly free time to try and win a 50 dollar PSN voucher.  This may have some grammar mishaps.  




       My story is a little bit negative but I am sure it can be related to by many Ps Vita owners.  It is in regard to the neglect the Vita has taken ever since it's release.  It has to do with me defending us dedicated gamers who many would and are saying "are getting taken for a ride" and not a very fun or enjoyable one.  




       I will start by saying that I only bought my Vita in October of this year(2012).  But I hope that doesn't take away from my credibility.  I had a PS3 for many years before trading it in for the Vita.  Now a lot of people would say it was a idiotic move but I beg to differ.  The PS3 is many years old and coming to it's end of it's shelf life.  I had many many fun times with it and I'm grateful to Sony for making such a beautiful and great gaming machine.  But I felt it was time for a change.  So I bought the Vita.




       Now when I decided to do this I was aware of the rumors and gossip surrounding the Vita.  It supposedly had a horrible kick off and there were many who were disappointed with the slim amount of games that were released the first year.  But I know a thing or two about the gaming industry and economics and knew that we as gamers have to have patience.  The first game I bought was Uncharted: The golden abyss and followed up with LBP and then NFS most wanted.  I also have played Unit 13 and Madden.  Now I love the three that I own.  I think Uncharted really nailed almost every aspect except multiplayer.  The graphics are console worthy.  The story actually was quite interesting.  And the characters and gameplay also matched up nicely to the big dogs of the gaming industry.  The other two I played were actually decent but didn't stand out to me as contenders for showing what the Vita is capable of.  So all in all I did have a nice introduction to the Vita.  I don't quite like how a few things work as far as apps go.  For instance the near app.  But I don't want to get into every little detail.  




       I was happy with my investment.  But not completely sold.  I was happy with the overall performance of the Vita although and I think I speak for most portable gamers, the battery life could last longer.  I just couldn't(and can't) get over the facts.  One year has passed and only a handful of games have stood out as franchise like material.  We haven't even heard any news of any publishers, big names or not, that have an idea or game in the works.  Now that doesn't exactly make me too enthusiastic.  I will continue to wait but for how long only time can tell.  Who knows maybe Microsoft comes out with its own portable gaming system next year alongside the Xbox 720.  Now, I am a Playstation man and shouldn't have to tell you.  So as I say I will wait and see how 2013 unfolds.




       I don't want to type too much and I am also running out of material on the subject.  I just wanted to use a real life story that was serious to take a stab at the gift card and not to mention give some feedback to Sony and other gamers that I feel should be heard and taken to the heart(haha).  I think that as this is coming from someone who puts in unimaginable amounts of time into gaming, my constructive criticism is worth reading and being noted.  




       Well that's all and I hope you enjoyed reading a more political take on the subject.




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