Jul 30 2012
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My Playstation Story

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When I was younger I never owned a PS1. I had cousins that owned a PS1 and I played on that. Loved it. As I got older (still youth at that point), I wanted a game console. Remembering the PS1 and heard about the PS2. I really wanted a PS2, it came with a built in DVD player and we needed one for the basement. So eventually I got my first PS2 (original model aka fat version). This PS2 started my fan boy of SONY products. I got so used to the controls. Played a load of Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. (My favorite PS2 games) In due course I eventually got a PSP 2000 (Star Wars Edition). I loved my white PSP with a Darth Vader mask on the back! When the PSP slowed down on game production. I eventually got myself a PS3 Slim. This console was originally 250 GB and I changed it to 500 GB. (When I was running low on memory). I was a PS Plus member at the time and still am. I eventually after that got myself a PS Vita.

Needless to say PLaystation is a big part of my life.


What is your Playstation Story?


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