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Oct 28 2012
By: flamewing48 First Son 3 posts

My Playstation Story

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        I don't know how I would start this story but my connection with the playstation has gone back to a time where I can't  remember that well, to start this I think I will start about how it had all started. I don't remember the year it was but I was young and my parents had bought a playstation I don't remember if it was for my brother or for me, but the console was awesome and the first game I had played on it and owned was Spyro The Dragon which I still have and works like the day I had opened the game, and the system still works like a charm. The Playstation console is one of the best things that had been invented, well other than jelly filled doughnut, it was what I had played games on with my friends, it just made my life seem more "full", I still own all of my ps1 games "which is around 50 games", memory cards, controllers, and a second ps1 I found when we moved to an apartment when my mom left my dad.

       The time I had spent playing on my Playstation was great, but eventually the Ps2 came out which I had eventually got for my birthday, got the fat one with Shrek 2 the game, it was awesome, but I did have to go with out saving for along time because I had no memory cards which was horrible. But man the system was revolutionary, and the same thing with the ps3 which I had only gotten a year ago. I don't care about what people say about the ps3 but I believe that it is a great console.

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Re: My Playstation Story

Oct 28, 2012


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