Jul 29 2012
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My Playstation Story

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When I began to like Playstation, I was fairly young. When I used to visit my uncle he had the old PSOne and Street Fighter. Every time my brother and I played, that's when I knew I was hooked. Ofcourse the story mode was a bit frustrating, but I still enjoyed it. Later in the mid 2000s one of my cousins loved FIFA on his PS2 and to be honest he's bought each one since the '06 version. Finally my dad bought my brother and I a PS2 along with Socom. We enjoyedit but later that year we got robbed. Not long after a lot of video game commercials aired, that's when I got my first PSP. Sony is such a great company and does a great job at it does, I just had to get the Playstation. Although most of my friends gotthe Xbox, I waited for not the first, but the best. I currently have 17 games for our PS3, PSP and Sony's soon to be to portable the PS Vita. Now that i'm a Playstation Plus Member I enjoy all the benefits, from the themes, to avatars, to free limited games. Honestly I really thought it would be the same so I bought the 3 month card and tried it out. No regrets. Why I really bought it was this years E3. Sony made me rethink it all, I know this time, to buy a full year membership. I'm still waiting and stoked about Black Ops: Declassified and Playstation All Stars Battle Total. I can and will wait. Save the best for last. Sony's new handheld was not doing great, but Ican feel it Sony can make it work with all the upcoming triple A games. That was my story.
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