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May 06 2012
By: Spyroboy1000 First Son 1 posts

My Playstation Start through 2012

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     My first Playstation play was at a friends house. My mom went to visit her friend so I went to play with the friends son. He had a Playstation 2. I played Spyro Enter of the Dragon fly. It was awesome (considering that was the first game I ever played). Then he showed me more Spyro games. I was so amazed. That day on our car ride home, all I could talk about was Spyro and the Playstation. About a month later I came back from school and my mom said she had a suprise waiting for me at home. I was literally at the edge of my seat the whole car ride. Then when we finally came to my house she should me the Playstation. It wasn't the Playstation 2, but the first Playstation. It was a huge rectangle. I said that it was the coolest thing I ever saw! My mom made me do my homework first. I did. Then she gave a square wrapped in wrapping paper. I unwrapped it and it was Spyro the Dragon (the first one). I almost bounced off all the walls I was so excited. My mom showed me how to put the disc in. And I played until dinner time that day. But the kid across the street broke it somehow and the next day my mom got me a real smaller looking Playstation. I didn't care because it still played Spyro

     When I was 7 almost eight, I had all three Spyro games and Crash 2. I wanted a Crash racing game because my friend (not the same friend) showed me it. I was really excited for it. So on the weekend of my birthday my parents threw a party. It was time to open presents and I was excited as any 8 year-old can be. All the games I got were playstation 2 games. I even got a Crash PS2 game. I was puzzled until my parents brought in a box. I opened it and it was a Playstation 2. I was so happy! So I played Spyro Enter of the Dragonfly, Sly Cooper and the Thevious Racoonus, and Crash Nitro Kart. Over the many years of Playstation my PS2 died. It wouldn't play anymore game or movies. I waited 5 months until I got another Playstation 2. But this one looked different. It was a slimmer version of the Playstation. It was the PS2 slim! And my PS2 Library now takes up a whole shelf.

     In 2010 for my birthday. I got a Playstation 3. My friend had one and he was just talking about all the stuff you can do with one. I really wanted one. So my parents took me to Best Buy to choose the PS3 and two games. I chose Little Big Planet and God of War collection. It was all good to me. Then as I got more and more PS3 games like Modern Warefare 2, UnCharted, Ratchet and Clank, Red Dead Redemption, inFamous. My friend told me I was halfway through the Playstation experience though. He said I needed a PSN account. So I signed up for one and he was right. I played online for so many hours. It was so fun. Now I have a ton of PS3 games countless hours of online play and some really fun earned trophies. I don't know what the next gen console is going to be, but it's going to be another part of my life like the 3 Playstations I have below my TV.


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