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My Playstation Experience

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My entry into the Playstation family of gaming was on the Playstation back in the 90s. My first game was Crash Bandicoot and instantly fell in love. Crash Bandicoot wasn't the only game I played, I played the whole Crash Bandicoot trilogy, sans Crash Team Racing, the Spyro trilogy, the Resident Evil games, and others such as Metal Gear Solid. The sad part was I never owned a PS1 of my own, the one I had was borrowed from a friend. I grew up only being able to afford one console and as I already had a Nintendo 64 I couldn't afford a Playstation.

I will be honest, I was a Nintendo fan and always favored a Nintendo console over any other. Based on this fact I skipped over the Playstation 2 in favor of the Gamecube. I loved my Gamecube but recently, this year in fact, I realize I missed out on something truly amazing, the Playstation 2. I will get to that in a moment though but yes I missed out on a generation of Playstation.

Then came the current generation and as you probably guessed I favored the Wii. Not surprisingly being a 16 year old male I was quite disappointed in the Wii's library of games, regardless of the Nintendo titles which I love. One day at Walmart I notice the PS3 on display and saw how the games look. My true main reason for getting a PS3 was because of Burnout Paradise, big Burnout fan, but a few days later I pick up a game I was hesitant about, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I was in love and hooked to my PS3, it was a 80GB with Backwards Compatibility, and got more games like Grand Theft Auto VI.

That PS3 lasted until 2010-2011, I bought it in 2007, and set my sights on the PS3 Slim model. As soon as I had enough money I bought my new, lighter, and more reliable Slim. I had enough money left over for a Playstation 2 and once I got it home and played the games I purchased with it, Gran Turismo 4, Ratchet & Clank, and Burnout 3: Takedown to name a few, which is when I realized I should have gotten a PS2 back then instead of my Gamecube or at least try to have both.

To this day I have PS1, PS2, and a whole shipload of PS3 games. One of my favorite parts about this collection is my Gran Turismo games, I have all 5 titles. I own a Playstation Move (soon a Navigation and Sharpshooter), am a Playstation Plus member, am a dedicated gamer and of course have made loads of Playstation Store purchases. Yes I have put my own hard drive in my PS3, a Seagate brand HDD/SSD hybrid drive at 7200 RPM SATA 6.0/s 500GB 32MB Cache. This is one of my favorite hard drives and it makes PS3 gaming nice and smooth with plenty of space for games.

I came late to the party with owning a PSP, I got the God of War PSP-3000 for Christmas two years ago. Despite what people say I actually love my PSP, it complimented my Nintendo DS nicely. I would love to own a Playstation Vita but unfortunately right now I can't afford it which sucks. All in all though while the Playstation introduced me to the Playstation family the Playstation 3 is the console that made me become a fan and a part of the family.

I am interested to see what Sony has in store for the next Playstation console for the next generation. I want to note I love all of these HD collections and collections, inFAMOUS and Killzone collections for example, and want to see even more. That is my story of my Playstation experience.
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Re: My Playstation Experience

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good story.

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