Jul 22 2012
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My Playstation Experience: Friends, Family, and Fun

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Hello, everyone! Before I begin telling you the amazing impact Playstation has had on my life, I would just like to let you know I'm not too concerned about the PSN card. My only prize I wish to gain from this is to share my story with millions of others and, hopefully, it'll find its way around.


I was born in a small army base in Louisiana called Fort Polk. My father, being military, was constantly busy day in and out. We would also move a lot, as is traditional with military families. My father got stationed at North Carolina, and I was completely new to the area. I knew absolutely no one. I usually kept to myself, and spent a majority of my free time with my family. My dad, much to my demise, soon deployed to Afghanistan. I always heard kids at school talk about it, but I never thought it would happen to my dad. I was always worried for him; praying to God that he would be safe every single day. Christmas morning of the same year, my father gone on the webcam with the family and asked me to open up my present. It was rather heavy in my frail arms. As you may have imagined, it was a Playstation console. Not just a Playstation, but a Playstation 2. I was so happy, but I felt like I didn't deserve it. My father told me to just keep my mind off of things by playing with it.


My first few days with the PS2 were unforgettable. I remembered my heart beating rapidly for some unknown reason. Was I nervous? Was I excited? I remember popping in Crash Twinsanity and just being awed by how fluid the game and graphics were. If I recall correctly, Pokémon was dusty the next time I used it. The PS2 was just an amazing console. It helped me keep my mind off of my father's deployment and gave me something to do when I had free time. It was fun, and brought my brother, sister, and I closer. We would spend hours from morning to lunch, lunch to dinner, dinner 'til dawn just playing different games. The PS2 offered a plethora of options that the whole family could enjoy. It also gave me a reason to speak.


In my lifetime, I have (and even recently) gone dramatic social changes. In North Carolina, I was the quiet kid who sat alone at lunch. When kids offered me a seat, I quickly shook my head no and darted off. One day, I overheard kids talking about Tekken 5, a game I had recently bought. They were debating who their favorite character was, and I immediately jumped up to argue the point of Heihachi Mishima. The next few days, I began sitting with a new group of friends. I began conversing with more kids. Playstation gave me the confidence to go out and speak to others. As cliche as it may sound, Playstation gave me confidence.


The next few years, I completely forgot the PS2 and ignored the PS3. My younger brother had gotten it along with Modern Warfare 2, and he was constantly on everyday. He would tell me how much fun it was, but I kept to myself. I would just sit there, bored, playing games on the DS that I didn't even like. One day, my brother left the PS3 on while going out to play. I had nothing better to do, so I decided to try out this "Call of Duty" mumbo jumbo. Five minutes in, I was absolutely hooked. I made my own account, saved up money, bought games. They were loads of fun. Then my brother told me something I never knew about. "Trophies," he uttered. "And in most games, you get a special platinum trophy after earning every other trophy." I checked my profile, and it read "1 Trophy." My brother had well over 100. This gave my brother and I a new way to compete: trophies. I started playing games to the fullest, trying to collect every trophy. My first attempts were failed, as games like inFAMOUS seemed just too hard. I finally got my first platinum after playing another Sucker Punch classic, and it is a feeling I'd never forget. It was strange because, two days earlier, I didn't even have a gold trophy. The feeling was just so surreal, and it one I hope to feel everytime I pick up a PS3 controller.


My sudden love for Playstation soon grew. My DS was officially thrown away, and in it's place was a shiny PSP loaded with God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Well, a few months later, I'm still having a blast with Playstation. My PSP is NOT replaced. It is in a case, played almost every other day. I now have a Vita, with months of allowance money gone. The Vita gave me that feeling I had when I first played the PS2. The graphics and gameplay were just unbelievable. Today, I still play games and attempt a platinum every once in awhile. My brother and I play games with each other daily, like Black Ops, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Trine. Playstation also gives me a way besides chatting to interact with my friends. As stated earlier, my father is military. I've lived in Louisiana, Italy, Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, California, and I'm now in Virginia. When I'm not shooting hoops in 2k12 with my bestfriend, I'm shooting zombies with my brother on the moon. Playstation has helped me keep my mind off of stressful things: school, dad's deployments, arguing, etc.

Playstation has just been an amazing experience since day one. I will always remain loyal to Playstation, and I thank you all that have read this from beginning to end. I'm just happy to post my story so that other people can read it. Thanks to Sony, thanks to Playstation, and thank you.


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