Nov 08 2012
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My Playstation Brothers

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I have always loved Playstation, ever since I first turned on my very first gaming console, the Playstation 2. But I would always play alone. My brothers where too young to play with me and I had very little friends. So for the most part I played alone, but I always longed to play multiplayer games with friends. When I heard about the Playstation 3 I was beyond excited. I immediately started saving what little money I had. For my entire Freshman year of high school I would save the lunch money my mother would give me. After a year of not eating lunch I was finally able to purchase my very own Playstation 3. I even convinced my mother to purchase a wireless router so I could connect my Playstation 3 to the Internet. Being a person whole mostly played video games alone I was thrilled by the idea of plaing online multiplayer games. But unfortunately, in my high school, most of the kids had an XBox 360. Again I was alone. But one day I overheard some kid talking about his Playstion 3. I ran up to him and asked what games he played. He told me he played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare. My eyes filled with excitement because I too played this game. We quickly exchanged gamer tags and decided to meet up on PSN later that night. I joined game invite of my newly found Playstation friend to find that several other people where ready in the party. We played a couple of games and soon I was getting Friend Invites from the other players. The next day at school I went up to my friend to find again with other guys. He introduced me by gamer tag. The guys he was with where the very same guys I had played with online the night before. We instantly hit it off. Throughout the rest of high school we all became the best of friends. Playing online with each other or even going to each other's homes to play. We played all kinds of games together. Call of Duty, LittleBigPlanet, Need for Speed and even some games on Playstation Home. We created our own clan PRP|. We invited others who had a Playstation 3 in our high school to join our clan and our group of friends grew. But High School came to an end, and my PRP| Brothers and I all took different paths. I myself went to college far from home. But we still meet up on PSN, and we still play together.
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