Apr 08 2012
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My Playstation Brothers [PRP|]

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My playstation story begins with the popular Playstation 2. I loved that thing. It brought me hours of gameplay and fun. So naturlly when news went out about a Playstation 3 I was more than excited. I saved my lunch money for over a year to by my first Playstation 3 60GB. I loved the fact that the online features were free but sad because I hardly had any friends in high school who had a Playstation 3. But as the years went by I found more and more people who owned a Playstation 3. We would share PSN gamer tags and play together online in games like Call of Duty, Little BigPlanet and Uncharted. We began to grow a friendship that was beyond just PSN. We found more people in our school who had a Playstation 3 and they joined our group of Playstation memebers. We created our own clan tag and we became brothers. Though life has moved us in different dirrections my brothers are still some of the best friends that anyone could ever ask for. But my Playstation journey does not end there. With my PS Vita I am now able to find people near me and befriend them over what has brought me nothing but joy and friendship in my life. So for that I say thank you Playstation. Long Live Play.

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