Oct 09 2012
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My PlayStation Story

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I was actually thinking about this the other day. It is not only one of my greatest moments while playing the Resident Evil series, but one of my favorite moments while playing my PlayStation as well. After all these years I still think back to this moment and laugh.


Many years ago I was playing Resident Evil 2 and my firend was watching me. I was in a dire situation to say the least. Imagine if you will, one hit from being dead, one bullet in my custom magnum and nowhere close to a save spot.


So there I was, playing Leon Kennedy, holding my side with about enough life force to drag myself along. So much as one hit I would be dead and a feast for which ever zombie got the strike in. I had the custom magnum at the time (still easily one of my favorite weapons) with only one bullet in hand. No other weapons had bullets either. I walk back into a section of the police station and there in front of me in a short, but narrow hallway are three zombies all slowly walking after me, one behind the next. My friend says to me laughing "looks like you are screwed, about to be my turn to play". I then raise up that giant custom magnum with one bullet and just as the first of three zombies gets close to me I pull the trigger... BOOM! The bullet smashes threw all three zombies heads droping them instantly! I stand up cheering for myself and say "Now that is now you kill zombies!". My friend I have a great laugh as I go through another door, find some health and eventually bullets and a save.


After that moment Leon Kennedy had become my favorite character in the Resident Evil series and after that I also became a hardcore fan of the series. One of my greatest experiences on the original PlayStation.

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