Dec 23 2012
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My PlayStation Story

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I must say, I own PlayStation my love for gaming. Everything started many years ago, when I was 10. At that my point in my life, I never had a videogame console. I suppose that I never had an experience with videogames so they didn't called my attention. But, everything changed when a neighbour who I used to play with bought himself a PlayStation One. I was delighted, I couldn't believe how wonderful the console was. Of course, I began to ask for one almost immediately, I wanted to play all that wonderful games on my own. 


My dad was suspicious about it, he found strange that all of a sudden I asked him a videogame console. I began to think that my wish shall not be fulfill, until, by surprise, he appeared with a brand new PlayStation One. It was a One Way path. I began my "path" as a gamer with that wonderful system. Through him, I enjoyed many adventures, discovered so many worlds and game genres. But it was one game in particular that called my attention: Metal Gear Solid. One day, a friend of mine lend me his copy, describing how amazing the game was. At first, the game was very hard for me: It was my first stealth game, I even remember that I was unable to reach the elevator in the first screen of the game without being spotted! With time, I learned to play it, but more important, to love it.


Since then, I am very fond to this game franchise and (more importantly) the PlayStation Brand. After the PlayStation One, became the PlayStation 2, where I played Metal Gear Solid 2 y 3. This (the PS2) was the videogame system that I used the most part of my life, I have countless hours with that amazing friend.


Closer in time, I inmersed myself in the world of the handheld systems, with PlayStation Portable. I must say that one of the main reasons to buy that console was Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (one of the best games of the PSP) and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (because I discovered this amazing franchise in one of the many games of the PS2).


To sum up, now, I'm 21, and I'm a proud owner of a PS3, which I own since 2010. I clearly remember which my first games were: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (I don't want to sound repetitive, but it's true, I enjoyed this game since the first minute, it was a big close, for that overwhelming story that I followed for many years) and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (which game I still play, it was my first multiplayer experience in a videogame console and it was fabolous!). I hope that my little story wasn't THAT bored. All that I have to say is: Thank you Sony, Thank you for making this awesome consoles that gave me countless happy moments through my entire life.

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