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Oct 12 2012
By: worldWar_me Lombax Warrior 98 posts

My PlayStation Story

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Novermber 2008, the month when I finally got my hands on 60gig backwards compatible fatty! It was a dream come true! Had to split the payment between two credit cards. And by that time, 60gig weren't being manufactured any more, so I got it used. None the less, it was amazing.


Four years later, November 2012, my wedding month. Coincidence? Perhaps. What's even more interesting is that the wedding is on the same day I purchased my first PS3. Mind=blown. Total coincidence!


There's more, the girl I am marrying is a PS fan like myself, whom I met over a year ago at GameStop. We started off by exchanging IDs! Nerdy am I right? :smileytongue: We gamed together online at first, now we play our favorite PS games side-by-side.


Long story short, if it wasn't for video games (PlayStation in general because PS was the only console I ever owned) I would have never the woman of my life. And to top all that, my folks never aproved of my video gaming hobby, said I was wasting my life. Proved you wrong!




Thank you, PlayStation.


much <3



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Re: My PlayStation Story

Oct 22, 2012

good story if you want to see my story check out on chesire__smile post and find my name. 

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