Sep 28 2012
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My PlayStation Story

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In 2010, I bought my first PS3. Since that day, I was hooked to anything and everything known PlayStation. I would spend a lot of time with that PS3. My very first game was Dragonball Z Burstlimit. Since that day, I've bought 3 more PS3's and platinumed the entire inFAMOUS series, also because it's my favorite first party series. Also, I bought 12 PSP's because I was always in the go, until the Vita cam out, then I got that on day one of its release. PlayStation is life. That's why in the future, I want to work for Sony, preferably Santa Monica Studios, SuperBot Entertainment, (Can't wait for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! Getting it on day one!), Bluepoint Games or Sucker Punch Studios. PlayStation for life baby! LONG, LIVE, PLAY!
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