Jul 28 2012
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My PlayStation Story

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The 1st sony system i owned was the PS2 a great system that i got for x-mas in 2002. I had and enjoyed this system for 6 years before the laser len wouldn't read any game i put in it. i must have over 200 ps2 games within that time with the 1st of them being ratchet & clank. i brought another playstation2 after my 1st one broke & still have it 2 this day. i then upgraded to the greatest system in the world known as the ps3 like 3 or 2 years ago and play it any chance i get i have like 40 games but i only play like 2 them (Fight Night Champion and Call Of Duty Black ops). i brought a ps vita in early march but i haven't seen any games i like 4 it yet.

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