Nov 07 2012
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My PlayStation Story (or how I became a Sony consoler for life)

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I haven’t always been a Sony customer. I admit that outright and upfront. Yet there was a time, not too long ago, that your company did convert me into being a lifelong customer.


I was a Nintendo kid; raised on NES and SNES but let down with the N64. Sure, it was fun enough, but I saw friends having more fun with more mature software on their Playstations than I was having with the fiftieth time around Mario 64. I resolved to change that with the next iteration of game consoles.


Therefore I had purchased a launch PS2 system, one of the “Fat” ones, straight from Sony’s website. I was sitting at work during the holiday shortage that had happened from that system’s launch and on a whim checked Sony’s website. There was one in stock.




I ran down the street to the bank, dumped some money into my account, raced back and placed my order. (I’m sure you remember how hectic customers were during that time.) I snagged it. I was happy and anticipated the system so  greatly I spent the next week ordering Playstation and PS2 software; games I had missed and games I pledged would never be forgotten. The console arrived and I was immersed in a world unlike any other. I was, to say the least, pleased.


Fast forward five years and I have the first ever (and only) issue with the PS2. That thing had been a champ through various moves and events in my life, brought me joy when there was only darkness, but now it was sick. It had started digging circles into the inner diameter of my software discs. I cobbled together some funds and called Sony’s tech support, full expecting to pay to get this faithful system fixed. I talked to a great service rep who listened to the problem and then stated, “That isn’t right. It shouldn’t be doing that. Here’s what we’re going to do…”


The service rep proceeded to tell me to send in my PS2 and all the games it had ruined; Sony would repair the PS2, attach a new repair warranty, send me a check for the current MSRP of the games I sent in and it would all be at no cost to me. For a five year old system that was severely out of warranty. That was Apple Inc. quality customer service and I had never had that level from any other company but Apple. That won a customer for life.

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