Oct 28 2012
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My PlayStation Experience..

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                    It was mid school year of 2002. I had just gotten home when my brothers friend Shaun had arrived. He had handed my brother(Josh) a box with a PlayStation 1, some games and two controllers. Now at this time I didn't really follow the gaming news much so I was stumped on what it actually was. Shortly later after hooking it up and starting a copy of Metal Gear Solid I was blown away. To me this was 1080p hdmi back them. Sucked in by the astonishing colors and sounds I played and played until I relized it was 3am the next morning. Suddenly relizing I'm tired I turned it off and went to bed. Hours later after going to school I played sick and got sent home, in which, I booted up the PlayStation again to, this time, through in a copy of The Legend of Dragoon. This game BLEW ME AWAY. To sumerize it, this game is still my favorite to date.


Now a couple years later I discovered the PlayStation 2. I felt like a 4 year old in a candy factory. All these new features, graphics and games to explore. I worked odd jobs around the house and saved up for one to share with my brothers. Sadley to say my older brother bought one before me. So I decided to use that money and buy us a collection of games. We gamed together, taking out hordes of ennemies and raging at our deaths. Game after game we built a large collection, explored many worlds and gained a love for the playstation brand. This continued for many years.


Now it's 2006 when the PlayStation 3 is out. A beautiful new toy that we needed to get, the only problem, price.. We worked hard and saved up but the price was just to high. We decided to wait for a price drop and continue with the Playstation 2 until them. Now it's 2009 and we finally got our hands on a PlayStation 3. I felt like Legend of the Dragoon all over again. Contantly washing the controller and console to make sure it's shiny new glare. I had a instant love for it. And of course the most important new feature I had to take advantage of.. PSN. I had only played local until this point so this was OUTSTANDING! I couldnt believe it was real. A futuristic gaming device in the palm of my hands. I then reasearched for knocklage of the newest gaming news. Learning all the newest games, updates and features. At this time I stopped gaming handheld much and most my gaming time used mainly on the PS3. Of course I own a PSP and played it, but only when I wasn't home or someone else was on the PS3.


And finally it's 2012 in the month of my birthday. I had saved money a year before hand for the new PS Vita. Opening day had arived. I was at the doors 30minutes after opening and 1 PS Vita was left. I had gotten lucky. Packed with my 16gb and psn cards, I headed home to download some digital psn titles. Already loving the brand, I knew to exspect a great time with the handheld. I didnt, however, exspect the back panel and touch screen to be so outstanding. It was the best touch screen I had used accross all phones and tablets I had. A little disapointed with the appsense of PS1 titles I played my Vita and PS3 waiting for the 1.80 update. As it arived I then rebought my beloved The Legend of Dragoon. I felt like I was on my PlaySation all over again filling my head with all the great memopries the PlayStation brand has brought me. And at this time I'm still playing The Legend of Dragoon and Metal Gear Solid on my Vita and PS3. And at this I would have to say Thank You. Smiley Happy

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