Oct 12 2012
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My PlayStation Experience: I had to have that amazing game! (Gravity Rush) :]

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My boyfriend got us both PS Vitas. I didn't want one at first, but when I found out about Gravity Rush I changed my mind.
I watched Gravity Rush game play videos on YouTube, and decided this game was worth buying a console for.
When I first got my PS Vita I was completely impressed. I didn't do very much research on it and I honestly thought the rear touch pad was a stupid idea. So I was completely surprised by how happy I was with the system and how incredibly smooth the interface is.
I have a PSP1000 and a PSPGo, the PS Vita didn't just surpass these previous systems with a couple new features, it wiped them away in my opinion.
I have a Nintendo 3DS, an iPad 3, and an iPhone, and my PS Vita's touch screen interface wipes those devices away too.
It's so smooth and fast and clean cut, but I didn't really have any good games to play on my PS Vita...
Simply put, I like a good story and a big **bleep** sword. XD
My favorite game is Zelda Ocarina of Time, so you get an idea of what I look for in a really good game.
I Pre-ordered Gravity Rush and paid for it in full.
While waiting for Gravity Rush to release I preoccupied myself with Dynasty Warriors and Disgaea 3, but those games didn't give me that fast paced amazing story that made me want to kick some **bleep** and save the world.
Disgaea 3 was overwhelming, there were too many things I needed to learn and it felt like it would take a long time to get the hang of everything, and dynasty warriors was fun for a little while but then it got repetitive.
When Gravity Rush finally released I asked my boyfriend if we could go pick it up, we were short on money and I was basically begging him to buy it for me. We argued and I complained until finally victory was mine!
I felt horrible for causing so much drama over a game... But I HAD to have that game!
He went in and bought it for me, I started up the game and immediately fell in love.
The graphics, the music, the story, the characters, the gravity defying powers, the little details, it was all incredibly enticing.
It was another one of those games that I could add to my "favorite games of all time" list (which happens very rarely).
Later on I went in to GameStop to buy a 3DS game and the GameStop employee informed me that I hadn't picked up my gravity rush game yet. I told him my boyfriend picked it up for me. The employee explained that the system showed the game was paid for in full and there is no record of it being picked up.
I caused all that drama because I HAD to have Gravity Rush right then and there, even if we could barely afford it, and I forgot that I already paid for it in full?!
*face palm*
Now that's dedication! XD
And for the record, it was still totally worth it. That game is legen... wait for it... DARY!

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