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Dec 19 2012
By: asthomp First Son 3 posts

My PS3 won't work at all

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Okay, so today I moved in with my brother out of my parents house and hooked up our PS3 so we could watch a movie but it didn't work. We've tried three different HDMI cables with it still not working and when we try the cables on our Xbox they work fine so it's safe to assume it's not the cords. We tried to reset it by holding to power button down and that didn't work at all. I do not know what to do. The TV were using was at our parents house first and we changed the PS3 between this TV and two other ones all the time with no problem. Some one please tell me I'm not just screwed here.

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: My PS3 won't work at all

Dec 19, 2012

That happen to me before also im not surprised and i did the same my 360 worked just fine.


It could be time to get a new one "Thats basicly what i did with mine since the F**** thng didnt work at all" or try to get it serviced.

Or if you got a taste for modding and reverse engeneering like i do then crack that George forming grill wide open and start doing some honest fixing DIY style : )


 Or switch to your 360 i mean it works dont it use that for your media while you wait to have it fixed, or getting some cash in your pocket to get another one.

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