Feb 13 2012
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My PS3 now only plays some movies and most games.

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So, like the title above states, my PS3 will only play some blueray movies and most of the games I currently own.  I found the movie problem out a few months ago when I was trying to watch Star Wars on blueray and after inserting the disk, the PS3 would act as if it were loading and then it would make a noise like the disk was being ejected, but it wouldn't be and it wouldn't show the disk icon where you would normally see it under video options. So I went out and bought a fairly cheap blueray player and the movie worked fine, so it wasn't the disk. Now I can play some blueray movies, like the Hangover, Despicable Me, Up, etc. But almost any newer blueray movie I get, I have to play on the dedicated blueray player. Though I can play any regular dvd on the PS3.

Now games were a different story, up until tonight that is. I currently have close to 20 games and I can play them all.  The newest game, up until tonight was Skyrim, and I was playing it today. This evening I got Uncharted 3 and stuck it in and it sat there for a minute, made the click click noise like it was going to eject it and then, no game, no dick icon, nothing.  So I came on the net looking for answers, went through a few procedures and so far nothing has worked.  Just so you all know what I did, I copied and pasted what I've done at the end of the post, all to no avail.

The system is 2 years old, it's a PS3 slim, 120 GB.  It would make sense to me if it had just stopped reading movies and games altogether at once, but the fact that it still plays some blueray movies and plays most games, but won't play a few is confusing to me. Has anyone run into this problem and did you get it fixed. If so, how?

Things I've already tried:

1) Trying installing the latest system software update (which can be downloaded directly from the network or you can download the file from

2) Trying restoring the default settings. (This can be found under system setting on the PlayStation 3 settings menu). Be aware that this WON'T remove the content from your HardDrive. Be sure that you selecting Restore Default Settings AND NOT Restore PS3 system.

have your controller wired to the PS3 when you start this.

1. turn off the system.

2. press and hold the on button do not let go you will hear 1 beep then a second beep then the system will shut off(red Light) and hold the on button do not let go you will hear 1 beep then a quick 2 beeps immediatly let go of the button.  in a few seconds a screen should appear saying to connect your controller to the system with the cord.  once you do and hit the PS button it should let you know you are in the safe mode.

from there you do the file system restore and it will restart and say it needs to fix the data DO NOT TURN YOUR SYSTEM OFF!!!! once it is done you should be fine.

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Re: My PS3 now only plays some movies and most games.

Feb 14, 2012

So I called and asked Playstation customer support about my problem and they said to send it in because the blueray laser is going out and needs to be replaced for the low low fee of $99 plus state taxes. I still don't know about this diagnoses because it does play br movies and games, even most new games. If the laser was going out wouldn't it just not play any blue ray disks at all?

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