Dec 03 2012
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My PS story

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Growing up I've shared a romance for gaming along with Nintendo and Sony, back and forth. From owning my first console, SNES, to the N64, then PSX, PS2, Wii and PS3... through the years I've had a lot of fun with a lot of memories.


One in particular features the PS2. As I grew up, I was never one to get new, shiny things as SOON as they came out like a lot of my friends, due to being in a single parent household. I didn't mind, it was just how it was and I appreciated all that my mom still tried to do for me. Whenever I'd get a new system, I would have to trade in all my previous stuff to get that new system well after it came out along with game, if I was lucky. I still remember (and kick myself in the butt to this day) when I traded in my SNES and 25+ games to get an $89.99 N64 and Ocarina of Time in 1999. 


But I digress, back to the memory... my mom knew this and a few years after the PS2 came out, nearing Christmas and my birthday (December and January respectively), she got together with the whole family and pooled some cash together in order to outright buy me a PS2 and six games along with it. She had taken me to Best Buy where I was planning on picking up a PSX game and, while alone on the aisle, she had been working her magic with a store associate.


Afterwards I walked out of Best Buy with the aforementioned PS2, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and Spider-Man: The Movie (don't judge me, I'm a Spidey fan) ...each of which I still own and use to this day. 


Now that I have my own income, the PS3 and PSP were no brainer purchases for me... but that fat ol' 10 year old PS2 will forever hold a place on my shelf. 

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