Nov 08 2012
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My PS related story

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Hi everyone,


I could tell a lot of moments about me discovering the first Playstation with my friends. I still remember the evening I played Resident Evil the first time at one of my friend's house, I was so scared at every door opening !

Well, today, I won't tell this story, but another, less fun...

One of my friend suffers from schizophrenia. I met him in high school and we had fun playing video games together.

A few years later, he was offered  a PS by his parents and it was so fun playing together. At that time I had no money to buy any PS.

I had already managed to get a dying PS1 console by another friend, and I needed some spare parts to fix it.

Then he got a PS2 because his PS1 was dying... It was fun playing Saint Seiya and all ^^

I asked if he was OK to give me this PS1 to help fix the one I previously got.

He accepted but it wasn't without complaining a bit, telling me he could have sold it for a few bucks...

When I tested it at home, I noticed it was only a problem with its controller !  I could have kept it for me but I gave it back to him so he could use it returning in his home country to study Spanish. The PS2 was kept by his young brother.

Well, my friend worked so hard to pass his tests, he tried to drink strong alcohol and use drug to keep the pace & be the best ...and came back his parents' home suffering from schizophrenia... u_u (strong alcohol & drugs are bad, I won't stop saying it)

At least, I think he had been able to enjoy his PS1 games to keep some pressure out sometimes during his studies.

Well, he had changed, and it was sometimes really painful meeting him, but I kept strnght and tried to be here for him most of time.

But we ewere still able to play and have fun with Dragon Ball Z games ^^

A few months ago, his state went deeply bad and for whatever reason it was, wouldn't want to see me anymore...

After a small period while he went to hospital, he came back home as I know, but still not in the mood to see me u_u


Well, the message I am trying to express here is : Life can be really harsh, but you can still keep good and important memories, and to me, I keep remembering those fun moments with him playing PS games ^^

Those can't be taken away from me =)


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