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My Life with Sony

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I first started playing on a Sony console back when I was still 12 years old (Im 27 now). My first ever console was a Playstation One (The big white one) and I got one from a second hand shop (Because I can't afford a brand new one that time). I think my first ever game was Silent Hill which is also the scariest game I've ever played until now. I then bought another game called Final Fantasy VII which has become my first ever RPG game which genre I love the most now. I then searched and buy RPG games and collect them all like Pok.... you know the rest lol. I started to learn how to read and write English properly thanks to you, Sony and also to the RPG games I've played (Mostly from Squaresoft and Enix). My grades in Language and Reading has improved thanks to Sony and Its games. Really helped me a lot up until now.


After a few years, my friend let me borrow his Playstation 2 and his 2 games which are Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy X. I borrowed his ocnsole for about a month until I finished both games (FFX took me 125 hours to complete almost everything). I then later bought another second hand console which is a Playstation 2 and Devil May Cry along with it. I like the graphics on a Playstation 2 console at that time and never touched a non-Sony console. I bought a lot of RPG games and some horror games. Experienced different emotions toward a game at that time. First time I experienced cursing a lot on a Boss fight or hard level, felt sad with the Final Fantasy X ending, laughed, etc.. This is also the time where I bought so many games and didn't even play or finish them. I think I only finished almost half of my Playstation 2 games.


I then later on bought a new portable console and this time it is brand new. I was very happy to finally touch a white Playstation Portable Slim (PSP) at that time. I also bought Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core along with it. I play with it with my friends and had lot of great times with it than my past Sony consoles. i applied a screen protector, wrist strap and a jelly case when I bought it to protect it from those nasty scratches. I love playing with my White PSP until that sad day comes.. I was at a mall and was on my way to go home. It was raining at that time and glad I brought an umbrella with me. I was walking outisde the mall and on my way to the transport station when I suddenly felt my right pocket gone light. I quickly reach on my right pocket where my white PSP was located and was surprised and very shocked that it's gone missing. I immediately look behind me and see if someone was behind me and saw 3 guys running in a different direction and a bystander selling a coconut drink. The bystander told me to not chase them because they are armed so I didn't attempt to chase any of them because life is the most important to me. It was the saddest view at that time as I saw the thieves running with my white PSP maybe in one of them. I then got home and felt very sad as if I lost my very important part of my life. Only things that were still left were the PSP Box, charger and its games. I do remember that I was still playing Disgaea Portable at that time and was about to finish it. I should have shouted to the thieves to throw the memory card so I can finish the game later on.


After 2 years, I finally bought another brand new PSP and this time it is color black. It is a Black PSP 3000 and also pampered it with screen protector and a jelly case but didn't put a wrist strap this time since it was the reason why my white PSP Slim was stolen back then. I then finally got the chance to play Disgaea again and finish it. Up until now, my PSP 3000 is still up and running and great condition.


I then bought another Brand New Sony Console which is a Playstation 3 Slim at the launch of Final Fantasy XIII. The graphics is so eye-candy and love every hours I played with it. I bought lots of action, arpg, rpg and racing games for my PS3. I specially love the God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Playing with my PS3 for 4-6 hours daily during weekends and 2-3 hours during weekdays (Work was taking so much time lol).


Now, I bought my latest Sony portable which is a Playstation Vita 1 month after its release date. Now, Vita is my most used console this time and others are collecting dust for a while now. Sony is still the best company for me for my gaming needs. I admit that I own all the other current consoles/portables from other company but I still play with my Sony consoles/portables more than the others. Sony has given me a lot of experience and was very happy that I learned a lot from it. Thanks Sony and wishing you all the best on your future consoles/portables.



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