Mar 06 2012
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My Life With Playstation.

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I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I didn't have a luxurious life, I got games and consoles way after they came out and usually had to pay for them myself. My first Playstation was second hand, but I still loved it, back then I was raving over the fact that it took discs, and the graphics were much better than some of the other systems that were out. Then the PS2 came out, I remember that my PS got stolen from my wife's (then girlfriend) van. I was devastated; I kept it in a backpack with everything that it needed games, cables, controllers, guides. This was back in 1999, my wife told me that she would replace it, around this time I decided to join the military, we were having a baby and I needed a steady, reliable job, seemed like the best way to go. While waiting to leave, my wife bought me the PS2, boy was I lucky (not the only reason I married her). I went to boot camp, then on to training in Florida, while there I made a friend who introduced me to Final Fantasy VII, from then on I knew I was going to use Playstation products, that game won me over, we would spend weekends taking turns playing it, one would sleep the other would play, and then we would switch.


     After school in Florida, I went to another school in California, even though it was the summer time and I was going out with my buddies to the beach and school, I still bought a PS One with a portable screen and The Legends of Dragoon, another game that once again solidified my faithfulness to Playstation, I would spend weekends not going out or hanging with my friends to play that game. Once I left California, I got my wife and kid and we moved to Florida, while there I continued to use my PS2 and PS One through my tour, taking them with me on deployments using the PS2 and the PS One screen in my rack to play games and watch movies. Of course when the PSP was announced I picked one up. Portable gaming at its finest, around this time I was living in Texas, using my PSP for what it was made for mobile media entertainment. I used it in the car to listen to my music, as a time killer while waiting, and on long trips to watch movies. When the PS3 was announced I was excited, checking out the specs and pawning over it like it kid wanting a new bike. Again my wife surprised me, I had been planning on buying the Metal Gear Solid 4 edition and was waiting to get off from work to go to the local game store to buy it, I went to the store and the guy told me that they had just sold the last one. I asked when they would get any more in and he said that he wasn't sure. I went home and when I told my wife what had happened she looked at me and laughed, she told me that I was stubborn and impatient just like a little kid, she was the one who had bought the PS3 at the game store, she wanted to surprise me, but when she saw how much I wanted one she just went ahead and told me that she had already got it for me. Boy that changed everything the graphics the sound, and once we bought an HD TV, whoa. I still have that PS3, plus another, my wife has the Star Wars edition PSP, with Vader on the back, and now I have the Vita. Playstation has been with me through my life and it will always have a place in my home.

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