Nov 09 2012
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My Life Story With Playstation At My Side

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Playstation, oh how you have grown with me over the years. Our friendship started in 1995 I was no more than nine years old when I received you that summer. You came into my life teaching me what real entertainment is and how to properly handle a CD-ROM disc. We grew together and conquered experiences like the Plight of the Bandicoot, the torture of Ocelot, the death of Aeris, and the betrayal of Wesker. As time went on you became more robust in your adventures and your controller even evolved with two sticks and a vibrating trick called DualShock. Soon though we were expecting after five long years a much bigger brother to share in our adventures. He was Playstation 2 and when the day came for us to get him, we waited in the cold October air for two long nights in front of the local Best Buy store with a few hundred dollars in hand that we gained through choir and sitting young babes. The morning finally came and I was there to grab our new friend the Playstation 2. We headed home while I pleaded with my mom that I didn’t want to go to school but rather try my new friend. I was told I could stay but only if I did not play, impatient of course I ripped open and played and acted like I did not when she came home right away. We moved on to new worlds and conquered new things, things that others would never believe. You helped me with stress when I had hard times in school. You were with me and helping when my first child was born, keeping me awake through the night when she was sick and needed observed. You were there for my wife when she took the challenge of Kingdom Hearts and introduced her to new experiences with heart. You scared my younger family with Silent Hill 2 and kept up a game collection that just grew and grew. Seven years went by and you changed so much from playing alone to over the web where I met friends not quite like us. The experience was new and fascinating to most but how big it would get no one could guess. Not to mention the little brother that came as a surprise the PSP in 2000 and 5. November came and we knew that it was time again to meet a new you, and just like before I waited in line in a colder outside. Again as before at the local Best Buy I waited three long days with my wife by my side. As we waited you could tell that the Playstation Family is cool as hell, as we met new friends and people lending us a tent we also played our Psp’s to pass our time. Then once again the day came to take the new you home it was Playstation 3 of course with Resistance to play. Internet standard with Wi-Fi what’s that, we figured it out and continued our journey. Unlike before no one knew how big you would be with upgradeable hard drives and lots of USB. A new child was born and we used you for picture display but not at home oh no it was Remote Play. After some time you grew even BIGGER with Motion Controls and Uncharted adventures. Our experiences were many and increasingly vast, with Warhawks and Singstar we invested in it all. Then something new came across our ears, a new little brother but with the power like you. His name was Playstation Vita with a 1080P Oled touch as we were told, and motion sensing with touch back panel. Confused but excited we ran to the store and preordered our Vita excited and happy. Then again a day came February 22nd 2012 but with no wait outside just a pick up and play. Our Vita is great and it plays well with you and as each day is passing you grow more and more connected. So this brings us into today in fact, which I’ll spend, playing you and your brother one at a time because I have Assassins Creed 3 and Liberation of course. Playing one at a time after each chapter and when I cannot be home I can still experience the adventure. This is my Story I’ve been there for it all not even including when I Beta tested when online started it all. Playstation is with me where ever I go my key chain even says Playstation Expert and this is no joke at all. Looking ahead into the future I can only get excited about its endeavor into new technologies and new experiences that I can share with my family.

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