Nov 08 2012
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My Journey to Journey

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The first time I saw the game Journey was  2 years ago in my brother's Take Magazine it was a picture of a red robed figure staring at a sea sand and I knew no matter what I had to get that game. Except I didn't have a ps3 yet I begged my dad to buy me a ps3 and said he would get me one if I do better on my school work so studied my butt off till I got my report card then my dad got me a ps3 but I didn't play any games on it  . It would always stay in the box no matter how many games my dad bought for me I kept saying to myself "Journey will be my first game on it. Then 2 years later  I got my hands on journey and it was worth every second and the fact that you could relate journey to your life the person in the robe is like us and the dessert of sand and monsters were our obstacles and the giant glowing mountain was our goal. I literally almost cried when on the blizzard part of the game when the character was  walking through that blizzard storm you could see the frost all over its robe and when it was limping just to get to the mountain with the glowing light then the figure in the robe passed out because of the the blizzard. Then when I thought it was all over some more figure appeared but were taller and wore a white robe increased the characters scarf and sent you to the sky of the dessert and brought to the mountain then the journey was over. After that I burst into tears wishing it wouldn't end so fast Journey was the most amazing game I have ever played and I wish more games were made like Journey in the future even if I have to do it myself.                   

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