Oct 03 2012
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My Journey through the Uncharted land of Playstationia

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As a kid, I Ioved playing video games, but I never really had a console of my own. My gaming was mostly limited to PC games, and I had to go to a friend's house to play a game where I got to use the controller. Then came high school, and the release of the next-gen consoles. I picked up an article that compared the specs of the different systems. I never considered Playstation before, but what I saw in that article changed everything for me. I saw that the PS3 was the only one that debuted with 1080p graphics, free online gaming, and a Blu-Ray player all rolled into one. It seemed like the best option for me, and I asked for it for Christmas. I didn't have any luck with getting it the first Christmas it was available, but the year after, I FINALLY GOT... a PS2. My dad apparently mixed up 2 and 3, but we returned it and got a PS3 a few days later, so no harm was done. I definitely enjoyed the graphics, but what I didn't expect was how much I enjoyed using the controller. Its size, symmetry, and placement of the actions for each button just felt so much more natural than other controllers I had used before. I enjoyed playing Madden on my PS3, as well as the Rock Band franchise which I had acquired a taste for. However, my game library was lacking my favorite genre: 3rd-person action adventure. I went out shopping to remedy the problem. While looking for a good adventure game, I stumbled across a Greastest Hits copy of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I heard good things about the game, so I decided to try it out. Not only was it one of the best gameplay experiences I ever had, but the voice acting in it resounded with me. I had a passion for acting to begin with, so when I heard Nolan North's acting chops in the game, he instantly became my favorite voice actor, and I've been interested in video game voice acting ever since. Maybe if I play my cards right, I'll get to be a starring role in a video gmae. Anyways, my gaming library has expanded since, including action adventure games as well as many different genres. I've even begun enjoying Playstation Home, and has started making Home machinimas that have gotten me a little recognition in the community. Ultimately, gaming with my PS3 has been an adventure all in its own, and I hope this Playstation adventure continues for me for a long time.


Game on.

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Re: My Journey through the Uncharted land of Playstationia

Oct 6, 2012

Hey, your story was good.. I invite you to read mine if you want to Smiley Happy

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