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My History with the PlayStation Brand

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                As with many others, I started my gaming days very early. Of course, because of my age, I was incapable of most games or to even understand what I was doing or supposed to be doing. Even to this day, I am not sure of every game I played back then. On the PSOne, some of my favorites, when I was more capable of playing video games, were Spyro  The Dragon(which I now enjoy as a PSOne Classic on PS3 and PSP), Crash Bandicoot (All 3, which I also now enjoy as PSOne Classics on PS3 and PSP), and a few others, but these were the ones that really attached me to the PlayStation Brand and video games altogether. While my memories are not completely accurate of these games, I remember the enjoyment they did give me. These were the unforgettable video game moments that we may not remember, but get us through our lives, to avoid pressures, and stress from other things going on around us.


                PlayStation One…This console provided the most memories both past and present. While I’ve had my PS3 for 4 and half years, I was excited when receiving a call from my mother asking if I would like a PlayStation (She didn’t know which one it was so I asked her appearance details, e.g. Color, buttons, etc…). I knew already that the PlayStation 3 played PSOne games, but actually owning one of these artifacts (strange word for it, I know) interests me, the tech head that I am. I enjoy electronics for what they are capable of and overall value in my own mind, regardless of others. When my mother brought the PlayStation home, I was extremely excited until I found that the PlayStation 2/3’s AV cables were near, but not quite compatible with PSOne, so I scrambled around my house asking various members of the house hold for a manual set of two way RCA AV Cables to use. The PSOne system’s startup instantly brought back hundreds of memories simultaneously. The very first game I pulled out from the bag was Sim City 2000 (I think, pretty sure). Starting tornadoes in a 90’s game proved to be hilarious when looking at the way that games were at that time of development technology, compared to today’s modern 3D, near 4D experiences (PS Move) provided by PS3 only.


                PlayStation 2, (Ah, the memories). This was also a very memorable console. From the Jampack CD’s, to PSOne backward compatibility to DVD’s and more. This was an astounding amount of features from a system that went from being as big as my 10 year old hands, to being thinner than my laptop here in 2012 – 9 years later. Memories of “Final Fantasy X”, the “Grand Theft Auto” Series, “007” games, “Jak and Daxter”, and many more flood my mind as I type this.


                Also let’s not forget the PlayStation Portable (It deserves at least a little place here, loveable little thing)…This system provides an experience equal or higher than that of a PlayStation 2, but in the palm of your hands. With an interface similar to the PS3, I like to nickname it "PS2 ½ (Go ahead, laugh)." Coincidentally released between PS2 and PS3. I've played quite a few games on PSP like "Rock Band: Unplugged", "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories", "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories", "Tomb Raider: Legend", and "Tomb Raider: Anniversary". The "Tomb Raider" PSP Games were my favorites, however, because of how equal or superior they were to thier PS2 or other console counterparts.


                On to the PlayStation 3 -- From the PSOne, PSOne Slim, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 2 Slim, PlayStation Portable and on…I’ve owned all but a PS3 Slim, PS3 “Super Slim” (its official name I’m not sure of), and a PS Vita. The PlayStation Brand brought me through my childhood, and into my life now, where I still relish the old memories of PlayStation One and PS2, creating new memories with PlayStation 3 and the countless features it offers: Blu-Ray movies, DVD, Bluetooth, and my personal favorite: free online gaming through the PlayStation Network, or PSN. Currently, I enjoy the PS2 Classic “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. My particular model of PS3 is not compatible with disc versions of PS2 Games, unfortunately, so PS2 Classics prove to be of much value to me. Battlefield 3, Call Of Duty, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet, Guitar Hero, Need For Speed, Grand Theft Auto, the list goes on. The PS3, as its former slogan states, "It Only Does Everything."


                By experiencing all these PlayStation Products, they have all collectively created “My History with the PlayStation Brand”, which will continue to expand. Congratulations, Sony Computer Entertainment for all your hard work to continually improve the experience for your customers and care for your fans! "Long Live Play!"


                 UPDATE: My brother recently gave me PS Vita as an early Christmas Present. He said he hardly used it and knew I wanted one so now my Playstation Brand Experience has increased with my newest addition to my collection. So far I've been able to try out all the main features of the Vita, "Ninja Gaiden", "Mortal Kombat", and "Madden 13". These aren't usually my taste, but "Ninja Gaiden" is proving me otherwise. I plan to get PSASBR soon and cross-play it with the PS3. There are quite a few amazing features with the PS Vita that continue to improve on my PlayStation Knowledge.

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