Dec 14 2012
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My History with The Playstaion Consoles

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When I was 1 years old, my sister bought the first playstation home console, the Playstation 1. Since I was 1, I was crying to play it, even though my mom didn't understand what I was saying. So one day, I crawl to where the play station is, and I see my sister playing. She leaves the room, with the PS1 on. I crawl to the controller (what a journey!) and grab it. My sister was playing some old fighting game. (I don't recall the name). So i stick the controller in my mouth. Then I started to chew on it. The buttons were pressing, and the screen kept changing. My sister comes back and yanks the controller out of my mouth. So then by mistake she presses "x" and a devil comes on the screen, (boss of the game) and screems soooo loud my sister yelled and ran away. Then I laughed so hard, and till then, my sister knows never to mess with her "Lil Bro"!

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