May 16 2014
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My HDTV not recognizing PS3

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Okay so I decided to relocate my PS3 to another room. It works fine on 2 other tvs. One is a 720p the other 1080p. I had a simlar problem in the past but it was somewhat easily fixed by connecting ps3 to a tv it works on and adjusting it to a lower resolution then reconnecting it--prob solved! This time it's not easy. The TV works with a roku box 720p via hdmi and a apple tv 1080p plus other devices. But now it just says no signal on both hdmi ports. Its a tv capable of displaying 1920x1080.

BTW--I dont give up easy but have tried everything I could find online before posting here such as

1. hard video reset

2.Hooking it up many, many times to the working TV and changing settings to lower res (every single one--lots of trips up and down stairs!)

3. Hooking up both hdmi and AV cables at the same time then switching to hdmi input after changing setting from av to hdmi (and many variations of that)

4. And of course unplugging the ps3 and tv hoping to reset it from there...still "no signal" AND also the easier stuff like switching back and forth between inputs.

I really dont give up easy but this has been a six hour ordeal. ANY help is greatly appreciated. I may not respond as I need to go to work but will check back asap. So thanks in advance!



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Re: My HDTV not recognizing PS3

May 16, 2014

plug PS3 into tv. hold down power button on the fron neard blueray drive till you hear 3 beeps. Thi s will reset PS3 and should come on. no set up PS3 for new tv.

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