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My Gravity Rush Review

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Gravity Rush lives up to the hype.


In Gravity Rush you play as a girl named Kat who wakes up in a city that floats in the sky. She has no memories about her past and doesn’t even remember her own name. Kat meets a strange cat that she names Dusty. With the help of Dusty, Kat quickly discovers that she can control gravity to push her in any direction she pleases. She uses her powers to help the people of the city that she wakes up in. The city is also being attacked by monsters called Nevi. The story is told in comic-book scenes. These scenes look great and look just like any comic book that you would read. However there are some regular cutscenes in the game that also look nice. The story starts out slow but gets more interesting as you progress. As you go on you will have more and more questions about the city, Kat, and Kat’s mysterious powers. Unfortunately the game ends before answering most of your questions and at the end I was disappointed because of the large amount of questions I had and none of them were answered. The ending felt rushed and was unfulfilling. However the characters are well-developed and are likable.

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In Gravity Rush you can control gravity to cause Kat to “fall” in any direction. By using Gravity you can go wherever you want and even walk up the sides of buildings and explore underneath the big floating city. The city is huge and there are tons of places to explore. Actually the most enjoyable part of Gravity Rush is simply floating around and exploring. The controls are actually pretty good but controlling gravity does take practice. When I first started playing, I had a lot of trouble controlling gravity. After some exploring for gems and flying around I mastered the controls and found controlling gravity to be easy and tons of fun. There are short cuts you can take but I usually skipped these and took the long way by flying towards the objective because controlling gravity is so much fun. In Gravity Rush you will have to fight Nevi often during missions. You have several attacks that you use to fight Nevi. You can perform standard kicks while on the ground. In the air you can use gravity kick which sends Kat flying towards an enemy and hit them with a powerful kick. Kat can also pick up heavy objects by using gravity and throw them at enemies. There are also three different special moves to use that are very powerful. One attack will launch large rocks at enemies and another will create a black hole that damages enemies close by. You can power these attacks up by collecting and spending gems that are scattered all around the city. These gems can also be used to increase Kats health and other stats.

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While Kat is powerful the enemies prove to be a major problem for her in the game. There are some frustrating battles in this game. You may be going for a gravity kick when suddenly without any warning the Nevi launches projectiles at you and you take major damage. Also at points you have to face a ton of enemies at the same time and you will get hit with homing projectiles from all directions and some seem to be unavoidable. The enemies’ attacks are usually very annoying and many enemies seem to rarely miss. You can swipe the screen to dodge attacks but this doesn’t seem to help often. There are also many boss battles in this game and surprisingly these are the most enjoyable battles. Taking on a boss is less frustrating than taking on tons of enemies at the same time. However, all battles are not frustrating and many are enjoyable. There are side missions and challenge missions. In challenge missions you may have to use gravity slide (a move that sends Kat sliding on the ground very fast) to race to the finish as fast as possible or defeat as many enemies as you can in the time limit. You can earn gems for getting high scores in these challenge missions and there are scoreboards. The combat may not be lots of fun but there are other missions that don’t involve lots of fighting and like I said before, the most enjoyable part of this game is flying wherever you want and exploring.

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The artstyle in Gravity Rush is great. The graphics are amazing. All of the cutscenes look great and the sound is also good. The soundtrack features songs that go well with the game. Gravity Rush is one of the best-looking portable games I have ever seen.

Lasting Appeal

Gravity Rush will take you about 10 to 15 hours to complete depending on how many side missions and challenge missions you do. However you can still take on these missions after you complete the game. Also there are tons and tons of areas to explore. I’ll say it again, its surprising how fun controlling gravity and exploring is. There are also 3 hidden bosses to fight.

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Closing Comments

Gravity Rush is a great game. The story is interesting but disappointing and the combat is frustrating at times but overall this game is tons of fun. Controlling gravity is extremely fun and you can explore anywhere you want. Gravity Rush is one of the best games on Vita and all Vita users should give it a try.

What I liked

Controlling gravity is very enjoyable

Likable characters

Huge world to explore

Amazing graphics

The story is interesting

What I hated

Sometimes frustrating combat

Unfulfilling and disappointing story


Story: 7.5/10

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Sound/Graphics: 10/10

Lasting Appeal: 8/10

Overall Score: 9/10


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Re: My Gravity Rush Review

Jun 15, 2012

Glad to see that this game is really worth getting. I guess I'll DL it in a couple of days.

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