Oct 17 2012
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My Ghost Recon seems to don't go online

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So, here's my problem, a couple days ago I bough the Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Now, as the players that have this game know that they haved to introduced a Code to play, I haved done it so I have my UPlay passport, but, when I go online it seems like no one is playing, is like I am the only  player in the world actually conected online, I though it was my internet conection so I reset it and go back online again and I spent an hour waiting without anyone joining in a public host, what is weird is that all other games like Cod Gta etc go online perfectly. So I would like to have answers for the next questions:


1-Are the Ubisoft's servers down?

2-Do this problem could be about my PS3 system?

3-Is anyone else having the same problem?


Thanks for any answer: Insta-Death23

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