Oct 19 2012
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My First Playstation

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My first PlayStation when I really first started playing the PlayStation was the PlayStation 2 and I had about from 14-18 because I always did stuff stupid put them in water just to if it was waterproof but anyway I was like 5 or 6 I went over my friends house to play Madden with him and me and some of my other friends me and my friend like the Steelers and I brought 4 maybe 5 controllers over with my PS2 and we was playing on my Awsome Station I caught the most interceptions on Madden but unfortunately I could not turn the in to touchdowns well at least not all of them but my friend made me fumble a lot we lost the game the Steelers lost against New England 32-25 but I took that lose like it was nothing because you can't win them all so we played again in the next 3months but for thoae months we all prepared for the next game we played against the same team in the Super Bowl and the STEELERS won and my friend Jamall got mad and broke my PS2 because he don't like losing in anything so paid me back and I got another PS2 but anyway the score was 43-27 and I must say that brings back some old times with my PS2s and I loved the graphics on that thing (MUCH LOVE)
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Re: My First Playstation

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Oct 19, 2012

Good job. If you wanna see mines it's called horor brings connections to the gamers.


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