May 09 2012
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My First Playstation Experience

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     Wow...Now that i think about it, i've been playing Playstation consoles for a very long time. This was way back in the 90's when i first discored that a playstation even existed. I was used to playing this other console that we won't go into naming. My neighbor/friend only came over here during every other weekend. His dad and my dad grew up together. He usually stayed with his mom and step dad in the city, about an hour away from where my parents live. One day, while i was visiting him, he showed me a Playstation. I was kind of confused. All of my other friends were playing the same console that i had. He had the original Tony Hawk game. We played this game for hours. All through the night and into the next day we played. I think i stayed at his house the entire weekend. Eventually it was time for him to go home (to his mom's house), and we said our goodbye's and what-not.

     The whole next week during school (i was in middle school at the time) i kept talking to my friends about this new gaming system that i ran into. Eventually, 2 weeks had passed and it was time for my friend to come over. So, as usual, I stayed at his house for the entire weekend. We played Tony Hawk, among other things besides playstation. I live out in the boonies (styx) and there's a lot of woods, so, we usually went off in the woods b/c he is used to living in the city. I ended up trading the guy my other console and about 10 games for his Playstation and the Tony Hawk game. I kept the thing for a while, getting every game i could get my hands on. Back then, the ps1 was the first system (as far as i know) to have a disc-based console, which was great. I think i ended up having about 5 knee-high stacks of games before i finally got a ps2. Do any of you even remember the ps1? when we could press the select button while we were playing cd's and it had a visualizer? What ever happened to that concept? I think the ps2 also had a visualizer or something similar.

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