Sep 13 2012
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My All Time Favorite PlayStation Exclusive

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Heavenly Sword, by far is the best exclusive title and my all time favorite and here's why. The story of a redheaded girl who has to protect her clan against an evil king by using the only weapon her clan swore to protect. The Heavenly Sword, a weapon in which with every death taken by the blade, the swordsman slowly loses their own life. I look for only three things when I go to buy a game. 1. Story, is the one crucial thing that makes it or brakes. I am a story teller myself and if a game doesn't have a good story I won't hesitate to skip it. Heavenly Sword's story is amazing, 10 out of 10. 2. The voice acting has to be amazing to make me want to care about the characters, because if don't care about them you don't care whether they die or not and does not make it worth playing. All voice actors do an incredible job portraying their characters especially Andy Serkis as King Bohan, I love him he is an amazing actor. 3. Replay value is also one of the most important things and this has it. These are the reasons why this is my, no the best PlayStation exclusive made and if no one believes me go and get it yourself, and I pray that one day they finish and release Heavenly Sword 2 and 3.
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