Aug 12 2012
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My 2nd 1st Platinum Story

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Hello My Name Is Danny. This Is The Story Of My 2nd 1st Platinum. It Started Back In 2008 when i got my PS3 later that year trophies were installed into the PlayStation Network. I Remember downloading Super Stardust HD & was so excited to start collecting trophies i was a rookie PS3 gamer at the time & i found that game to be pretty challenging so i then got WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania i got a Platinum Trophy on that easy but i felt i didnt work hard enough for it so i searched hi & low for a game that would captivate me & challenge me & suck me into its world. All of a sudden BAAAAM!!! I had found the game that i would sink countless hours into the name of the game was BURNOUT PARADISE yes possibly the best arcade racer this generation.  Put so much time & effort into that game that at one point i lost all my data & I started it again i was not gonna rest until i hit every gate, smashed every billboard, won every stunt challenge & earned all of my licences there were. & as they say patience is a virtue cuz i did it all & gained my 2nd 1st Platinum Trophy. Since then i have played over 200+ games & collected over 3000+ trophies with 11 Platinum trophies & It all started with a little game called BURNOUT PARADISE. & Thats The Story Of My 2nd 1st Platinum Trophy. i know u can only have a 1st one time but ifeel that i worked so hard for the BURNOUT PARADISE Platinum Trophy that i consider that my real 1st Platinum Trophy. Thanks to anyone who reads my story & understands it.

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