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Re: Music Unlimited question

Feb 14, 2014

gR3yGh051 wrote:

ProfaneGene wrote:
Sure, but why go through the hassle if he only wants to cancel one thing on his account? What's the point of going through all the steps to delete cc info, just to have to re enter it later, when he could just as easily cancel the only thing he is saying he wants cancelled?

because not everyone is as trusting as you.

I don't keep my billing information on my account unless I want to buy something from the PS Store.

I'd rather spend the 2minutes it takes to enter my credit/debit card info when I want to buy something, instead of saving it.

What happens if someone finds out my email address and password and my payment info is still on the account? Did you know that they can lock me out of my own account by changing the password, and then buy whatever they want in the store with MY money until they max out my daily limit, at which time I am out a lot of money, and I am left to try and pick up the pieces?

Its called being cautionary with your private information.
The "inconvenience" of manually entering your info every time is safer than having it stored on an account. An account that can easily be compromised.

I tried it once with Pay Pal, and am still waiting for my $800 refund 2 years later, and I am still calling them once a month.

That is understandable, especially with the problem that Sony had a few years back. I didn't mean to sound brash, if that's the way that  I came across, I was just pointing out that he was asking how to cancel one specific thing and the first responce he recieved was to just delete all of his financial account info. He may do that, he may not, he is in charge of his own affairs. I read more than I actually post on these threads and I don't want this to end up like all of the others that I see with people getting into it. I do actually agree that you make a valid point.

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