May 23 2013
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Movie request for the Playstation Store

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So lately I have gotten into buying just a few, very well loved, movies for my PS Vita. I love the option of watching a movie I have on the console when I don't have internet access, or when I'm on the move and there won't be a stable internet connection. The list of movies available so far is very nice. However I really would love to have a movie on my Vita that the store does not currently have available to sell. When I called customer service to see if there was a way to request this movie they directed me here.


The movie is called Ink. It was written and directed by Jamin Winans.

IMDB link:


Love love love that movie, and would dearly love to own it. Thank you.


PS: If there is any debate going on anywhere, I would also love to throw my vote into the side of PLEASE getting Silent Hill (the first and orginal) available for a download. Ever other Silent Hills would be nice as well, however starting with the first, first would be the best! Thanks!

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Re: Movie request for the Playstation Store

May 23, 2013

It wouldn't be up to Sony to release it on the Playstation Store. That would be the decision of the studio and the director.

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Re: Movie request for the Playstation Store

May 23, 2013

The movie "Ink" was released in 2009, if the movie has not been in the Playstation Store for the past 4 years, it probably will not be in the Playstation Store anytime soon. Since the movie is 4 years old, there is a better chance that the movie willl be on "Crackle" before it is in the Playstation Store.


Also, if you really want to own that movie, why not buy it on DVD? Why are you waiting for that movie to be in the Playstation Store?


Wikipedia said about the movie "Ink":


As no big studio picked up the film (Ink) for theatrical and home distribution, Double Edge Films pitched the film directly to independent cinemas and saw to the DVD, Blu-ray and online distribution themselves. DVD and Blu-ray copies are sold directly via the company's website starting from October 30, 2009 and are sold at retail stores starting November 10, 2009, as well as downloads at Video on demand stores.



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Re: Movie request for the Playstation Store

May 26, 2013

Interesting replies, and thanks for the interest guys!


Really I was wanting the movie for my Vita simply for the convenience of having it portable. I can indeed buy it on DVD and am seriously considering doing so. However that would mean that I have to take the disc with me anyplace that I want to view it, and that certainly won't be every place I can take my Vita.


And yes, while having the movie available on the PS store is not simply up to Sony itself, they actually can go to the distributers of the movie itself and ASK for it, just as I am asking Sony to get it. Why the distributor would go to Sony and ask them to put it in their store for download I have no idea, I'm sure the movie is past it's prime to them. However I loved the movie, and not only that but I enjoy supporting smaller studios who are making excellent movies. My word alone won't bring this movie to the Playstation store I'm fairly sure, unless a single download would make them a profit off the movie. However I'd like to take the chance. Asking costs me nothing.


Of course if it actually gets approved I'll pretty much feel honor bound to buy it. XD Eh, whatever. Smiley Tongue

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