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Re: Motorstorm NGP !!!

Apr 6, 2011

I suppose it could be interesting

But I want Motorstorm to be more unique, it seems like a setting in space would be saying "we have ran out of good ideas"

I think the next motorstorm should be a combination of artic edge's snow and ice tracks, with the mud/dirt tracks of the original motorstorm, and the tropical tracks of pacific rift.

Now what would be new about it? It would be great to have the best of all the motorstorm track themes in one game, but why not just play the other motorstorms? What is this one offering?

I think it would be awesome if there was more disaster or changing environments in the next one, kinda like Motorstorm Appocalypse.

With all the different track themes in one game, the game could be very interesting! Imagine avalanches, tsunamis, mud slides, volcanic eruptions! It would be insane! New modes also have the potential to be awesome, heres some ideas:

-You have to see how fast you can beat a track, like a normal timed lap, but you want to see how far away you can get from the disaster, a volcano for example! So you want to beat the track in the quickest time, but also stay as far away as possible from the disater

New vehicle upgrades could be cool too, heres some ideas:

-Chains on tires, help you travel better in snow or go faster

-perhaps some sort of heating system which could act as if it melts the snow slightly, or heats the tires, making it easier to travel in snow or go faster.

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